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Kitkour Update
ParcadeTeam Admin
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about 1 year ago

Hello Parcade Comunity,

we are pleased to announce the release of Kitkour, the latest addition of Parkour modes to our Parkour server. It serves as a replacement for our previous gamemode Dragon Escape. This step was necessary due to the exit of our DE developer a few months ago. With the release of Kitkour, the Dragon Escape server has been closed but only after all your stats had been transferred to the Parkour server. A friendly Kitkour villager has been added to the Parkour lobby.

The kits that are available for now are Leaper (classic), Brewer (revamped) and Kitless. More kits are planned for the future!

Furthermore, all maps from the DE server have been moved over to the Parkour server and are now playable with all other Parkour features, i.e. Practice and Duels/Battles. Only kitless runs on Kitkour maps count towards the elo ranking.

Aside from Kitkour we have added the option to sort maps of any category by their release date! The xp leaderboard should be working again via /xplb and various other bug fixed are also being released with this update.

We hope you're going to have a lot of fun with the DE maps on the Parkour server and will break many world records. Happy Parkouring!