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Parkour Update: Cerkour, Elo, Map System and more!
ParcadeTeam Admin
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about 1 year ago


We are happy to present to you the latest Parkour update!


For over a year our builders have been busy creting new maps, designed specifically for speedrunning, rather than casual parkour. Those new maps will become part of the new map section: Cerkour.

Cerkour (named after its ideator; Cerdax), will be released with over 40 brand new maps! They are grouped in three categories (easy, moderate, hard) and can be joined via the new Cerkour villager that you can find in the lobby.

With the evergrowing number of Parkour maps it became necessary to modify the way players can search and find maps. That is why we decided to change the structure of our map system and the design of our map menus.

Maps are now grouped into different sections, namely Classic, Cerkour and Legacy (with more to come in the future).

Existing maps that only exist for sentimental reasons and maps that are no longer up to general Parcade standard will be moved to the legacy section. Some old Super Jump maps may also be brought back and put into this section if they don't meet our map standards.

To promote certain maps similar to how we promoted new maps in the past, we are introducing featured maps. Featured maps are a group of up to 8 maps for Classic, and up to 8 maps for Cerkour. They will include (but not exclusively) all new maps and thus replace the old new-map-promotion-system. 

Featured maps give xp and cubics boosts and are available in practice mode for all players!

To reduce the supression of maps on back pages in the map menu, more sorting options are available.

You can now easily see which maps you have already finished. Additionally, personal bests and world records are now displayed in map descriptions.

To make Parkour even more competitive, we are introducing an elo ranking! In contrast to xp or cubics, your elo points reflect how good you are in comparison to others based on leaderboard positions.

For each Classic and Cerkour map, your position in the leaderboard corresponds to a certain amount of elo points. The average of all your per-map elo points gives your total elo score. Getting surpassed on the leaderboard by someone else reduces your score, whereas passing someone else on the leaderboard improves your elo score.

Each elo score corresponds to an elo rank. 

A hologram in the lobby displays the best elo players. To check your own score+rank perform:

  • /rank          # for your own score
  • /rank [player] # for someone elses score

To view more pages of the elo ranking other than the first one (which is displayed by the hologram), perform:

  • /ranklb [page]


Other changes:

  • we brought back the Christmas lobby
  • when reaching a checkpoint, your current time will now be printed to chat
  • a new paper item lets you jump to the next/previous map in-game by right-/left-clicking
  • in the setting book you can find a new setting to change the scoreboard design (painting item)
  • navigation compass has been overhauled
  • lobby scoreboard now shows more useful information
  • we have made fundamental changes to our core Parcade plugins which makes it easier for us to moderate the server and add new parkour-unrelated features. This should hopefully not affect you at all

Bug fixes:

  • custom start/end in practice have less constraints now
  • flowing water works properly as death block
  • 1-block deep water works properly as death block
  • a rare duel bug, where the player gets stuck when they quit the duel during teleportation phase has been fixed
  • touching a death block now resets the timer correctly in practice

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