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5 Years of Parcade
ParcadeTeam Admin
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5 months ago

Hello Parcade Community,

as not many of you know, the Parcade Network has been around for exactly 5 years now. (That is only true if I did not fail math). I as Founder and Owner of Parcade want to generally say thank you for everyone of you who supports Parcade by playing parkour and showing interest in our project.

I never expected that my Dragon Escape Building Project would end up being a community. My goal was simply to build a nice and high quality map (Archipel) that would get accepted to the server "Mineplex". I do want to thank some of the Mineplex Team for giving us Dragon Escape. We would definitely not be here, if they stopped having this game a few years ago or never released it.

Over 7 years ago a server named Multicube that offered parkour duels shut down which inspired my great friend
Timmetatsch and me to open a platform for players to play parkour on.

BUT this project never happened the way we wanted and we closed it due to lack of activity, motivation and other reasons. That we would come back together and work on this project some years later, still makes me incredibly thankful. The work and energy Tim put into this project is far too extensive to write about here and my words could never life up to the incredible ambitions and work this man put in this project in his free time. I enjoyed every second of it.

This project also could have never happened if we didn't have
Maximus. A true fighter who had a goal and wanted to bring Dragon Escape for the Dragon Escape Community with new features and without GWEN. He wanted to make the people happy who have been around for so long and put a lot of resources into this project. He is still around till today and he helped me to own and manage this server when I wasn't able to. I am happy you are here Maxi, to make this possible.

We can't forget
Radoje17 who with his competences built a foundation, we could stand on and made most of the technical structure of this network possible. Team Parcade will ever be thankful and never forget what you have done for us. Good luck on your new way! We hope you remember us.

There is obviously countless of people who helped with the server and I could never forget any of you. But my special thanks goes to
Weirdo, Cerdax, Hapu, Bourkupine, muffin_mobber, VerryRare and zXMaxXz for caring so much for this project in the 5 years and heavily influenced, how it looks today.

The next part is dedicated to the community, I know we had our moments and not everything was great. But I hope that a lot of you still enjoy this project as much as I do and share the good moments we had in this 5 years. I can't promise you a great future. But what I can promise you is that I will continue in 2023 to do all I am able to do to keep Parcade alive and make it a better place :).

Not going to talk around it much, as a special gift from Team Parcade, the gold rank will be off 50% for a week. Lifetime Gold will cost 6€ for roughly 7 days. Make sure to check this offer out and get yourself full access for the practice station or gift it to a friend or fellow parcade players. I will donate 50% of the revenue we will get from the gold ranks to homeless people, who cannot celebrate New Years the way we do.or to victims of human trafficking.

Thank you for playing once again. Hope to see you next year. :)
Bwen391 / K_391 and Team Parcade

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